About Us        
Unique Venture Capital Management Company Limited, is an SME-focused private Venture Capital investment firm established in 2004 by 5 major Nigerian banks.

We aim to:

           Provide ''smart'' private equity and business finance to SMEs.
           Encourage innovative Emerging Market entrepreneurs.
           Boost economic growth in UVC’s operational area.


Unleashing the power of Emerging Market Entrepreneurs for positive development.

Strategic Intent:

Capitalising Economic Development by harnessing the power of Venture Capital / Private Equity financing in the development of African Entrepreneurs to achieving triple bottom line enterprises, whilst creating value for our stakeholders.

The Fund

UVC was primarily conceived to manage, amongst other funds, the funds set aside by its owner institutions under the Nigerian SMEEIS scheme and application of the fund is strictly in adherence to the SMEEIS guidelines. UVC realises this obligation through the UVC SMEEIS Fund”. UVC, the company, has now moved a notch up to add on and manage other VC funds.

Currently, UVC manages:



Target Fund Size


N6 billion Commitments

Target Investment Size                       


Up to N200 million

Typical Equity Ownership                 


Up to 40%

Minimum Investment Return             



Geographic Focus                                



Sector Focus                                      


General, but excludes trading and financial services Real Sector (60%), Services (30%), Microfinance (10%)

Governance Structure                         


  • Board of Advisory Committee comprising recognised institutional shareholders
  • Board Investment Committee comprising the Chairmen/CEO of our investor companies

Investment Types


  • Early stage (Start-up to first-stage)
  • Expansion financing
  • Acquisition and Management buy-outs

Investment Criteria


  • Companies with captive markets and sustainable growth in per capita consumption
  • Emerging and high growth industries
  • Investments with Keiretsu fit to our portfolio companies
  • Possible high export opportunities
  • Possible multiplier-effect and SME spin-offs

Core Values




Core Purpose

UVC aims to be the frontrunner in the provision of Venture Capital to small and medium–sized enterprises in West Africa by leveraging on the strong heritage of our owner institutions to deploy an on-ground local experience-based strategy, building a world class team and operating within the highest professional and ethical standards to deliver attractive triple bottom line returns to our clients and investors.

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